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Have you already received a task to write an article? Are you aware of the main peculiarities of writing it? Now, will shortly describe you the main point of writing a proper article and tell you about the assistance that we can offer you at

Writing an article for a newspaper, magazine or any Internet site is not an easy task. All readers look for informative, interesting and relevant material. Read further and find out how to make your article fresh and competitive with the others.

  1. Before starting to write, choose a theme, you are interested in. Chose something that is topical and hotly discussed or bring new light to some forgotten issues.
  2. Become an expert in the sphere, gather the needed information. Use only serious sources: it is better to operate with original data, such as historical documents or official statistics than to repeat thought of other authors, whose position could be biased. Nevertheless, always use citations, paraphrase your sources; do not steal ideas from others.
  3. Read other articles on the topic. In what way is your writing going to differ from them? You can agree or disagree with the expressed thoughts, tell your readers the story in your own words or continue the existing discussion as a response.
  4. Do not choose a too wide area for the discussion. Your arguments should usually fit in a particular size of the article and it is difficult to enlighten too general issues. You should better include your personal experience and concrete examples than speaking generally about the situation.
  5. Think of a headline that grabs attention and makes the reader start reading your paper.
  6. Begin with concrete facts, numbers or a joke. Get straight away into your topic and only then convey the further information to explain your thoughts.
  7. Create your own style. Pay attention to the language you use. It should correspond to the type of the article and the audience. Is it an article for children, students, professors or average citizens of your city? Is it a sports column, movie review or political staff? Your style and use of language should also correspond to the image of the newspaper or the magazine you work for.
  8. Give some thought food to your reader in the end. A good article stimulates thinking, calls for action or provides a solution to a problem.
  9. You are welcome to support the article with diagrams, photos or any other materials; but remember, they are only helpful secondary means, first, concentrate on words precision and clearness. You can always get help by Aussie Assignment Help Service online.

Overall, two criteria characterize a good 6article: the informative and interesting content and professional formulation of your ideas. Be factual, convincing, and original and, the most important, enjoy your work!

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