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Depression is so common disorder as sometimes it is called “flu” among the mental diseases. Every one of us has been depressed at least once. “I’m depressed”, – you may hear it even from healthy people when they feel frustrated because of the failure of important plans.

Despite the unhappy feelings, people keep living their usual life. In contrast, people suffering from depressive disorder feel despair and helplessness that consume them for a long, don’t just go away and usually disrupts the person’s ability to think and act adequately, which affects his/her work and communication with people.

Top tips on writing an essay about depression

In our time, depressive states are one of the main problems of our community. This is due mostly to the increase of depressive diseases. Now, this problem is especially relevant in our country because of the unstable economic and political condition, people’s uncertainty about tomorrow and the increased number of stressful situations. Besides, the diagnosis and treatment of depression in Europe is difficult because of the cultural and historical features. It creates the need for a deeper examination of the causes leading to depressive states in the modern society.

All this points to the relevance and priority of the chosen research area. In our view, its results will contribute to more effective examination of depressive states, as well as their diagnosis and creation of the optimal system of psychological adaptation to the stressful conditions of professional activity of businessmen in the modern society.

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It was particularly interesting to examine this issue by means of learning the subjective phychosemantics. As the main difference of phychosemantic methods is the lack of strict instructions and certain stimulus. Get Assignment Help Online now with 50% discount!

Monitoring in the conditions of free instructions can help you to reveal the subjective picture of the world, reflecting the personally-manipulative features. The detection of relevant properties, given to the existing object, can inform you on the cognitive structures. The person’s attitude towards the world is very important for the structures described.

The research hypothesis claims that despite the division of depressions into endogenous and psychogenic, the leading factor that causes depressive state is mainly psychological (mental) factor.

  • the precondition for depressive states in businessmen is a lack of self-identification with such notions as “personal life” and “business”, and therefore, frustration with their self-realization in the career (particularly in business) and personal life;
  • the persons who can’t tell the difference the notions “work” and “business” are most likely to have depression, as the differences in the definition of these notions reveals the hidden mechanisms of dissatisfaction with their own activity, and self-realization in professional life.

The purpose of the study is to explore the subjective psychosemantics of depressive states in businessmen.

Tasks in writing an essay:

  • to characterize the depressive states;
  • to consider the symptoms of depression;
  • to highlight the types of depression;
  • to address the causes of depression.

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