Guide on writing an essay on Integrity

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The short dictionary of literary terms interprets essay as a “kind of profile, where the main role belongs not to the reproduction of fact, but the representation of facts, impressions, reflections, associations.

Essay requires from the author not only an ability to demonstrate the “sum of his/her knowledge”, but also focus on his/her own feelings, experiences and attitude towards his/her work. In short, the author of essay is not only a narrator, but also a hero. Essay is characterized by the expressed author’s position, sincerity and emotionality of statement. This genre gives you the right for subjective statement of the problem and free composition.

It seems that everything is clear, but it’s not that simple. It is good to write an essay if you’re Arthur Schopenhauer, and not the secondary school student. It is the problem for the teacher to objectively assess the creative task.

Guide on how to write essays about integrity

Free composition can distract from the disclosure of the topic, and heightened emotionality can replace the content itself. Besides, the teacher must come to the evaluation of work at least in terms of knowledge and skills. It means that it’s necessary to evaluate the knowledge and understanding of the terms (categorical and conceptual apparatus), ability to compare, match, argue, realize the problem and select the facts of scientific and common character, analyze and evaluate the suggested statements. The dialectical contradiction in school practice of essay is clear: art form and analytical, structured content, subjective and objective sides of social knowledge.

When you start writing an essay, you should prepare a draft. Some students don’t know what the draft is and write it as a final version of work— densely filled sheet, almost without margins, but written more carelessly.

Such draft leaves no room for improving the thoughts and working creatively. “Wrong” drafts are suitable for the complication, as they impede independent thinking. As a result, this method leads to the irrational fear of independent statement. The draft sheets should be left half-empty; fill them on the one side. Working with the draft, re-reading and correcting, you should gradually fill the margins, while the back of the page serves as a space for concretization and confirmation of your opinion by the examples and quotes.

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Where to start? Write the exact topic of essay in the draft. Topic is some kind of task we must think about. The task must be understood. Formulation of topic is the same task, just much more voluminous and complicated, and having more than one solution. Reading the topic, you enter the creative space it outlines.

If the individual words, thoughts or, at most, the whole formulation, will be repeated in the text of essay, opening or finishing the fragments or whole essay, — it’s not a fault. After all, the main task of the student is to understand and disclose the topic instead of deviating from it. Working with essay, you should sometimes re-read the formulation of topic. On the exam, students can choose the topic. Get online assignment help now with 50% discount!

And don’t forget about the integrity of essay. It must be general and filled with the same meaning.

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