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The example of essay about racism.

Even though a public manifestation of racism is criminalized in most countries, it is hard to admit that it provides safe protection.

In this essay people try to look at the matter of racism from various angles, as it’s obvious that despite the comprehensive confirmation of non-scientific character of racist theories, the ideas of racism and nationalism still actively live in the modern society.

Scopes in essay writing about racism

So, we offer you to look at the problems of racism from several points of view, highlighting the scopes of distribution and manifestation of racism:

  • Racism as a manifestation of political interests of countries or individuals.
  • Racism as a way of reasoning and justifying the interventions in the territory of other countries.
  • Social racism that manifests itself in the problems of skin color and finds expression in the domination of one group of people over the others.
  • Psychological racism. In this case, it comes to the attempt to identify the reasons for racism manifestation by examining the situation with certain individual, based on the psychoanalytic theory.

Racism is the ideology using the external differences as a principal reason for unequal treatment of the members of other groups based on the scientific, biological or moral characteristics, considering them different from their own group and originally subordinate. Previously, people considered racism only as an expression of negative attitudes towards white and black. However, the international documents from the second half of the twentieth characterize racial discrimination not only with a skin color but also by the descent-based, national or ethnic origin.

In their turn, races are understood as the historical territorial groups, connected with the unity of the origins, expressed in the common hereditary, morphological and physiological signs, varying within certain limits.

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There is a version that the word “race” has Arab origin and means: head, start or root. In Italian, this word means “tribe”.

Therefore, racism can’t be understood only as a problem of different skin colors. Racism must be considered wider- as a social and psychological problem. Specific forms of racism can exist within one country and one ethnic group (it is called social racism). It concerns low-income and under-educated population (for example, the peasants suffer from the denial of their dignity and rights and inadequate pay at the official level. This is especially true for the third world countries and represents one of the forms of the modern slavery.

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