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In any essay there should be an introduction, the main part and the conclusion.

The introduction sets the theme of the essay and raises the problem. In other words, in the introduction we write that there is a certain situation and there are different views on this situation. At the same time, one does not need to write your view of the situation in the introduction, as this can be interpreted by some experts as a deviation from the plan. The safest option is to put your opinion in the second paragraph.

Expression of opinion in the second paragraph is a recommendation, and not the only possible option. Direct indications that the opinion should be located exactly there, nowhere. There is only a criterion of compliance with the plan, which different experts can understand in different ways.

Complete Guide for essay writing about NY

The main part contains three blocks:

The author’s opinion and his argument.

The opposite opinion of the author’s.

An explanation why the author does not agree with the opposite opinion.

Arguments are the basis of the whole work. As more objective and accurate are they, so it is better. Arguments can’t be replaced by emotions, examples, or too general phrases.

In the first case, there is a substitution by an emotional example. Personal experience is too subjective to be used in an essay. In the second case, the argument is replaced by a general phrase that does not express anything in essence.

In conclusion, we sum up all that has been said, generalize and draw conclusions. That is, in many respects we repeat the already mentioned information, but, first, we use other words, and secondly, we look at it a little from other positions.

How to write an essay about New York

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The style of the essay is neutral. This means that the essay should not contain abbreviations and colloquial expressions.

To earn the maximum score, you need to understand what exactly will be evaluated. Each expert has a list of five criteria by which the work is judged.

Criterion 1 – the solution of the communicative task

In the words “solving the communicative problem” lies the content and style of work. It is estimated how fully you reflected all the points indicated in the assignment and how much your work style corresponds to the generally accepted style of essay writing (neutral-formal). As more fully is it expressed and as more consistent, so more points you will get. You can get maximum 3 points.

Criterion 2 – organization of the text

According to this criterion, the logic and structure of the statement, compliance with the proposed plan, use of logical connection means and division into paragraphs are evaluated. Maximum is 3 points.

Criterion number 3 – vocabulary

With this criterion it is easy to understand. The words that you use must match the topic you are writing to, and they should be enough to convey all your thoughts.

You should try to use advanced vocabulary, because only in this case you can get the maximum score. If you have used all the words without errors, but the vocabulary is limited, you will be given only two points out of three.

Criterion number 4 – grammar

It is also easy to understand with this criterion. For the maximum score, you need to write grammatically correct. Instructions on the complexity of grammatical constructions (unlike lexical ones) do not exist, so it is better to use a grammar well-known to you. Although it is even better to make the advanced grammar well known to you and use it in the essay. The maximum for this criterion is also 3 points.

Criterion number 5 – spelling and punctuation

This criterion weighs less than the others – a maximum of 2 points. To get these points, you need correctly to write words and correctly place punctuation marks.

So, now you know how to write an essay for the highest score. Business is for small. Is your theme New York?

New York is the largest city and the largest seaport in the United States. This is the business center of the United States. Therefore, you will have something to write about in a given topic.

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