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Movie review is one of my favorite types of students’ assignments. Most of us like movies because they give us the possibility to rest from the reality at least for couple hours and not to spent time reading the book for days when you can just watch the movie and get the main point of what the author was trying to bring to the reader. Of course comparing with writing research assignments and term papers, writing a movie review sounds to be a fascinating task. Some people may think it is easy: just write your opinion of the film, retell the plot or say if it is worth seeing.

Everything is always a little bit more complicated than it seems from the beginning! It’s all, because you can receive the task to write a movie review on the movies which far from the one we watch at the cinema or the famous one that everyone has seen. Usually, this is the historical movies, art movies or autobiographic or the old one based on serious literature works of worldwide writers. In such cases, to manage to create a perfect review you should have a deep knowledge of history and literature at least.

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Moview review writing tips

Nevertheless, let us look closer and understand what elements define a good movie review.

  • Never retell the plot and do not give away the culmination of the film. Your review has to interest person, provide them with some useful information, some hints. Let the audience feel the movie but do not spoil the process of watching it.
  • Do not base your review on your personal likes and dislikes. When you do not like a particular genre or an actor in the film, it does not mean it is bad. Your task is to evaluate the value of the movie objectively, try to be professional. Always back up your statements with facts and examples from the film.
  • Watch the movie a few times, at least two. It is impossible to notice all the details after the first time. Make notes watching it, think what impresses you, why.
  • Pay attention that you have to discuss various elements of a movie. In such a way, the mark in your review could be partially good partially bad. For example, you liked the idea and the plot but believe that they could have spent more money and suggested their readers’ better quality.
  • Do not use too sophisticated language. Stay clear and close to your audience. Let them understand what type of film it is.
  • Be precise about the knowledge and data you have for the proper review!
    It is nice to mention the year of production, creators and actors names, music authors or costumiers if they are well known and it gives an additional value to the film.
  • Structure your paper logically and understandable. Give your mark to the film director at the beginning. Inform readers about the place of action, background details, main characters and very shortly about the plot and genre. Discuss some special places in the movie that prove your point of view. Wind up and let the reader understand whether he or she wants to watch the thing in the end.

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