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The online assignment writing company GradeScout is glad to announce a special writing contest, which might be very interesting for the schoolers who are about to leave school and start attending a college or university. This contest provides the winners with an outstanding possibility of acquiring scholarships.

Our major objective is to support the future students who are in a need for money with definite amount of fees. They are of great importance for all newcomers and thus, we believe that you will be interested in our proposal.

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In the case, you write an effective essay on one of the proposed topics you may win one of three awards. The money awards will be given to the first three best essays. The 3rd place will receive – $500 from BuyEssayOnline service, the 2nd one will receive – $1000, and the 3rd place will acquire the highest prize – $2000. This is an excellent opportunity to gain a scholarship outside the school. We provide such offer twice a year.

The Requirements for the Contest from GradeScout

In order to become one of the participants of our contest, you should make definite steps.

First of all, you should meet one of the stated below requirements. You should be:

  • currently a senior in high school;
  • intending to transit from high school to a higher education institution;
  • alreadystudying ina higher education institution in the United States, Canada or Australia.

We undertake all possible measures to simplify the application process to our contest. With that purpose, we have created an online application. After you gather all the needed documents and fill them in, you should go to this link… There you will find our email address to which you should send the documents.You won’t pay any fees for the participation in our contest.

We are expecting from you the following information and actions:

  • Write your essay, as well as your resume in a Microsoft Word document and send it to us:
  • Attach a headshot-photo of yourself in such formats like .JPG or .PNG, which should be at least 300 pixels wide.
  • You should specify your full name and the contact information. Include your cell phone number and email address. You may be totally confident that your private data will never be shared with anyone and will be well protected by us.
  • Make sure to mention the name of the educational institution you are currently studying at, as well as the name of a college or university you are intending to attend. In the occasion, you are already a student of any higher education institution you should include its name too.

Under the condition, we don’t receive at least one of the required documents before the application deadline expires your application will be automatically disqualified. You should send all necessary documentation before the 24th of September. The results of the writing contest will be announced on the 16th of October. You will be able to find out your result visiting our official page and going to the appropriate section. You may likewise call our customer’s support team by the phone to learn the results.

Now, it is time to learn the details concerning your assignment. You are to write an essay choosing one of the proposed topics. The name and specification of the topic will not affect the decision of our jury. Matter only the effectiveness and originality of your research, and the correctly written text.
girls writing paper work
You should follow the next requirements for your essay:

  • The paper should be original and without any signs of plagiarism;
  • The paper should be written in English;
  • Your word limit is 600-900 words;
  • It must be submitted in one of the offered file formats – .doc, .docx, or .txt;

After you submit, you fully agree with all the terms and conditions of our writing contest.

You may choose the topic from the following options:

  • The consequences of the Civil War for the U.S.A.
  • Social reforms in Canada.
  • Historical unions in Australia and their importance for the current society.
  • Poverty in Canada.
  • The problem of racism in the U.S.A. during the 20th
  • Income inequality in Australia.

The contest will be judged by 10 competent PhD essay writers who work at GradeScout. Each writer will evaluate your work with the grades ranging from 1 to 10.  You may fully rely on the competence of our judges who are experienced, talented and certificated.

If you are interested in our proposal, you are most welcomed. Don’t forget to share this information with other people who might be interested in it too.

Some Information about Us

The online company GradeScout is a specially initiated project, which is targeted at helping students with their academic assignments. We are the team of professionals that works legally and offers its services. Our major objective is to provide students with different kind of services that are necessary to succeed with their writing assignments.

We offer full or partial writing of essays, proofreading, editing. In addition, we provide consultations, offer free samples and dependable information concerning any topic in any discipline. Finally, we initiate contests to earn a scholarship.

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