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Trust is a perception of confidence in someone’s loyalty, responsibility, that extra will not frustrate you and won’t use you.

But in life, unfortunately, not everyone can experience this feeling, because for this you must be fully confident in the person. You are a happy person if you have at least two people in your life whom you can trust!

You have thoughts on the topic of trust. You want to present them in an essay. How to do it? Let’s understand …

How to write an essay about trust theme

The essay should be written according to the following algorithm:

1. Carefully read and analyze all the proposed quotes for writing an essay.

2. Choose the most suitable subject for you. If the topic is already selected (as in your case), we recommend taking into account the following series of circumstances:

  • During the writing process, it is required to apply the data of the social science studies – concepts, theoretical points, and consequently, it is complicated to accomplish a task in an unknown or incomprehensible manner properly. You should know the theoretical material on the topic and operate with concepts on this topic, have personal experience or be able to bring arguments from public life or history.
  • It is very important to correlate the selected topic with the proposed context for its disclosure. It may be that the student is able to disclose the meaning of the statement, for example, in a sociological context, but the economic context is set, or he sees the meaning of the statement within the framework of political science, and the legal context is given.
  • It is necessary that your essay traces logic. The essay assumes a logically connected reasoning, in the conclusion of which certain conclusions are drawn, therefore, in case of difficulties in creating such a logical basis for the essay, it is advisable to think about choosing a different statement. Let us become an essay writer help for you!

3. Determine the main idea of the statement. To do this, it is important to establish a thematic relationship of the utterance with the social science course.

4. Select theoretical material on this topic. Determine what concepts you will use, what theoretical positions you need to disclose.

5. Determine whether you agree or not with the statement, sketch out the arguments “for” and “against.”

6. For each dispute, pick examples, evidence from public life, history or individual practice. In order not to make mistakes and spoil your writing use the facts!

7. Revise and re-read an essay on the association of all the parts!

8. Formulate a generalized conclusion.

Thus, you should get an essay on the following plan:

1) Introduction. It is necessary to briefly state the urgency of the problem and rephrase the statement in your own words (The meaning of the statement is that …)

2) The main part. You must agree with the statement or refute it while arguing your point of view. You can start with “I agree/ I do not agree”

3) Follow the plan below to write everything in correct form and faster:

1. A position is stated (I believe that …) or a rhetorical question (And have you ever thought about that …?)

2. The reasons are given (because …)

3. Arguments are given (this can be confirmed by the following examples …)

4. Establish relationships (in this regard …)

4) Conclusion, which should contain a summary of the thought. It is also possible to link the findings with the future of the country, the world, society.

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